Healthcare Provider Improves IT Efficiency by Outsourcing to Servpac

Oct 27

How a Hawaii-based healthcare provider chose to invest in their business and grow their IT operations with Servpac. The Challenge Fertility Institute of Hawaii (FIH) in Honolulu, Hawaii, outgrew ...

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Servpac's New Logo: Evolution and History

Aug 6

At Servpac, we’re always looking for new ways to reinvent ourselves. We took some time to evaluate what we truly do and decided to give our logo and tagline a fresh makeover. We loved our last logo, ...

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Hot vs. Cold Aisle Containment: What's Better?

Mar 12

When running a data center, one of the biggest challenges is managing heat. IT equipment and hardware can produce a surprising amount of heat very quickly. While internal fans on most devices help ...

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BYOD: 5 Benefits for Business

Mar 5

With a highly mobile workforce, there’s a new trend now hitting businesses worldwide. BYOD is now gaining traction among employees and offices. While it might have some drawbacks like other ...

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Phishing: Don't Fall for the Bait

Feb 27

It’s first thing Monday morning and you’re catching up on emails. You see one message coming straight from the boss. It seems legitimate - right sender name, familiar tone, and correct email ...

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5 Ways to Prepare for Pandemics

Feb 6

Updated March 6, 2020 -- Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard about COVID-19 originating from China. According to the WHO, this new virus has infected at least 100,000 people ...

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Servpac Makes Debut at PTC'20

Jan 24

After months of preparations, Servpac made its first appearance at Pacific Telecommunications Council's Annual Conference in Honolulu, Hawaii. The conference took place at the Hilton Hawaiian Village ...

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Why Compliance Matters to Your Business

Jan 16

Cloud computing has revolutionized the world of business and data. Now businesses have 24x7x365 access to their data, but this also opens up the possibilities for potential security risks. In the ...

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5 Benefits of Disaster Recovery Offices

Jan 9

Earthquakes, hurricanes & floods, oh my! In an instant, disaster can strike businesses and make their worst nightmares a reality. They need to prepare for the worst case scenario and develop a ...

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