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5 Common Myths About VoIP Debunked

on Oct 10


VoIP is becoming more popular than ever before for businesses. Many have switched already and benefited from its rich features, affordability, and customization. Unfortunately, like any new technology, some businesses are still too scared to make the move. They continue to avoid it because they have false impressions about VoIP’s technology and performance, which has drastically improved since the early days. Let’s take a look at the most common myths surrounding VoIP and discover what’s the real truth behind each one.

Myth 1: It’s Unreliable

This is entirely dependent on your office. Your VoIP is only as reliable as the internet connection for your business. If there’s no serious issues with power, connection or latency, then your VoIP phone system will work great and be completely reliable. Using an internet connect also offers access from lots of different places and not focused in one place. This guarantees more reliability if there’s issues in a specific area of your phone network. Also, if there’s a power outage and your phones stop working, your VoIP system will continue functioning normally in the Cloud. Calls can be automatically forwarded to mobile devices and voicemails recorded and accessed in the Cloud.

Myth 2: The Sound Quality is Terrible

There was some truth to this idea in the early days of VoIP systems. Unfortunately, slower internet speeds resulted in unstable systems with frequent dropped calls, sound delays, and muddy voice quality. Now, today’s internet is faster than ever before and tailored towards business communications. Current networks offer bandwidth that’s optimized for voice communication, providing top-notch voice quality and data for all types of calls. VoIP sound quality is now equal or even better than the traditional landline systems.

Myth 3: It’s Not Safe and Secure

You hear about it everyday in the headlines - another business and their network gets hacked on the web. VoIP is also powered by the internet, so wouldn’t it be dangerous for data transmission? Similar to the reliability myth, this depends entirely on your existing network. If your internal network is secure, so will your phone network. What’s even better is if you’re using a private VoIP network, the risk of falling victim to hacking or cybercrime is minimal because providers make sure your systems are safe and secure for VoIP phone hosting and calling.

Myth 4: Calls Can’t Be Monitored and Recorded


An important requirement for businesses and call centers is for all their calls to be monitored and recorded for quality assurance. VoIP offers the best performance and reliability to power a call center and easily implement Automatic Call Distributors (ACDs). This Cloud-based system provides real-time analytics 24x7x365 for businesses such as call volume, call length, average handle times, and abandon rates to monitor conversations and evaluate call operations. Some VoIP systems, such as Servpac, now implement Artificial Intelligence (AI) to improve the call experience. AI technology can provide a more detailed analysis that examines speech patterns, determines sentiment, and instant transcriptions of any call. 

Myth 5: It Doesn’t Offer Enough Features


Some business believe VoIP doesn’t offer enough features to benefit their operations, but that’s far from the truth. Regardless of size or industry, VoIP is customizable for any business with countless features that propels them to the same playing field as their competitors. Since VoIP is a Cloud-based service, any features and updates are delivered automatically without any downtime from the provider. Whether you need softphones or conference bridges, any changes can be made in the Cloud, making it easy to tailor towards your business’s needs. 


There are lots of myths surrounding VoIP phones and its fallbacks, but businesses will instead find a reliable, cost-effective, and superior phone system that supports their employees and company success. If you have any questions, please contact Servpac, Hawaii’s largest local VoIP provider. We offer state-of-the-art business VoIP phone systems that are tailored towards local businesses, all supported 24x7x365 by our local engineers. We handle all aspects of phone installation, maintenance, and support. Call 237-5000 or request a FREE consultation with our local experts for more info today.

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