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Why VDI? 6 Reasons to Switch Now

on May 23


It’s Monday morning, and you're getting ready for a busy day at work. You wake up, get dressed, and make breakfast for the morning. Everything seems to go well but then your worst nightmare comes true - your car is completely dead. You have to get it repaired but you  need to be at work and finish a major project by the end of the day. This is a situation that is all too familiar for employees. Everyone has their life emergencies (sickness, accidents, etc.) that keeps them from coming into the office and completing their work on time.

Good news is businesses now have technology that preserves employee productivity and offers user constant access to their applications. Virtual Desktop is a revolutionary tool that offers computer access through any device, and is a low cost option for businesses that value flexibility, productivity, and security for their employees. But how exactly does it work?

What is Virtual Desktop?  Untitled-1-4

Virtual desktop (VDI) is a service where users can connect to a computer from another location. All you need to control a computer is an authorized device connected to the internet. The user can see everything on the computer’s desktop and interact with it just like the local platform. Business administrators control which remote desktops are accessible and who can see them. This feature already exists for Windows operating systems and offers the following capabilities:

  • Access a workplace computer from anywhere
  • Fix computers from a remote location
  • Perform better software demonstrations
  • Transfer files to client machines

Virtual desktop is now an integral IT component for businesses and offers many benefits that shouldn't be ignored for operations.

Easy Access

Virtual desktop is less complicated than people believe. Business think they have to jump through so many hoops to login to a virtual desktop, but that’s not even close to the truth. It's very easy to access through any authorized device. You can manage or perform your office tasks anytime and anywhere with a computer, tablet, or even smartphone. Of course, employees will still have to login to access the desktop, but it’s the same process as logging into a standard office computer. Businesses can also assign employee permissions to certain files and programs for security purposes.

Offers Flexibility

apple-1851464_1280Want to retain your top talent? In a global world, employees want to work for companies that provide telecommuting or remote work opportunities. Virtual desktops provide the answer by giving employees the ability to do their job from anywhere at anytime. Users have instant access to their data to finish work on their own time without feeling chained down to an office computer. They are able to complete their work in a more comfortable environment which boosts productivity, team collaboration, and employee happiness.

Saves Money

Businesses spend a lot of money on IT services such as hardware, software, and maintenance, and costs skyrocket when it’s needed in multiple locations. Upgrading technology is never easy on the budget, but using a cloud-based remote desktop service saves businesses money in the long run. Virtual desktop eliminates the need to invest in costly physical servers, buy multiple copies of software, and hire expensive IT support to maintain hardware. Businesses can create a set of desktops that employees can access from their own device. If any issues arise with the service, providers such as Servpac offer dedicated 24/7 support to assist with operation or data issues for a small or no additional fee.

Highly Secure


What happens when you experience a cyber attack, robbery, or natural disaster? This could be a death sentence for businesses that store data on physical hard drives. Since it’s a cloud-based service, Virtual desktop helps businesses store their important data in an online platform that is always accessible and free from the hazards of physical computing and storage. Every Virtual Desktop utilizes top-notch safety features including authentication and encryption with 24/7 monitoring and support for maximum security. If an emergency does occur, businesses can easily recover all their data stored in the cloud and resume operations in no time.

Better Troubleshooting

Gone are the days where you have to wait for IT professionals to visit your office and fix your computer issues. Virtual Desktop makes it possible for anyone to access your desktop and address the issues right away. As long as they receive the correct info, support staff can login to a computer remotely and fix the problem quickly, which saves the business time, money, and resources. If employees have issues learning a new program, support staff can conduct a remote session to show them a step-by-step guide and answer any questions in real time.

Simplified Upgrade and Compliance

Not that long ago, it was a major challenge for businesses to maintain their own hardware. They would constantly update their software to the latest version, and that took valuable time and money away from other business operations. Since virtual desktops are hosted in the cloud, all maintenance and upgrades are handled by the cloud providers and compliant with HIPAA, SSAE 18, SOC 2, and other regulatory standards. For example, when Windows 7 ends in January 2020, cloud providers such as Servpac will update their customers' VDIs to the latest Windows 10 system. These updates and upgrades save loads of time and money for your team to focus on other areas of the business. 

Want to Get Started?

Virtual Desktop is revolutionary feature that changes the way businesses operate. It's easy to use, low cost, secure, and offers flexibility and productivity that businesses and employees dream about, but how do you find one that's right for your business? We'll have the answers in our next blog post.

Are there any VDI benefits we left out? We'd love to hear them in the comments below. 


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