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AI: The Future of VoIP

on Oct 24


VoIP is becoming the standard phone system for businesses worldwide and always expanding with state-of-the-art features and customization. One of the most important developments in VoIP is Artificial Intelligence (AI). This new technology is becoming a growing area for innovation in communications and helping businesses improve their customer service operations. Let’s dive in and see how AI is a game changer for VoIP business phone systems.

What is AI?


Artificial Intelligence is software that automates normal routine tasks and eliminates the time and barriers associated with human interactions. They have the ability to become “intelligent agents” and create smart systems that can easily optimize business operations. This is achieved by developing intelligent software, which can collect useful analytics to determine decisions based on this valuable data. AI is changing the future of VoIP and offering various tools and processes that are extremely valuable to business operations.

Contact Centers


AI is helping take call centers to the next level of customer service. While older software can easily route calls based on the skills of agents, Artificial Intelligence takes it a step further. When someone makes a call, A.I. can determine the caller’s mood and personality to determine the best call agent to handle the situation. This offers a seamless and cost-efficient process for call center operations because it eliminates the need for a help desk operator to answer and redirect calls.


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Just like IVRs, bots are already used by businesses for limited and automatic customer interactions. AI upgrades these typical bots to perform more complex tasks such as arranging meetings, inviting attendees, managing schedules, and much more. With every new interaction, these bots can improve how they respond to requests and understand what people are looking for. This improves their responses, makes them more helpful, and helps call agents tackle more complicated customer support calls.

Pattern Recognition

While AI can measure sentiment and learn from customer interactions, it can now identify conversational patterns that help businesses identify possible issues and improve their own operations. This type of pattern analysis is already used in popular consumer products such as Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Echo, and become a major influence for business goals and workflows.


IVR systems have been a staple for business phone systems for years. They help greet callers and guide them to the right area or agent, but AI offers more insight for a better customer experience. When an agent receives a call, AI can work behind the scenes to provide real-time caller info and history such as their personal information, previous sales or inquiries, and even other important contact details. This helps agents receive more context behind each call to resolve issues and deliver an excellent customer support experience.

Call Analytics


Call tracking is extremely important for businesses to measure their success and customer support. The traditional models offer basic data such as call volume, time, duration, information, and basic campaign attribution. AI is extremely valuable for businesses because it offers more real time data within the call themselves. It can instantly transcribe every incoming call and detect key patterns, words, phrases, and actions that are invaluable for operations, sales, and marketing team members. Even if the call is in another language, AI can automatically translate the speech for better understand. Call data can also be integrated with third-party CRM platforms for easier access and tracking.


AI isn’t just science fiction. It’s real and already the future of VoIP. AI adds so much more to VoIP systems and how they can benefit businesses, and Servpac has the expertise to handle all of your needs. Contact us today at 808-237-5000 or request a free consultation for more information.

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