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Cabinets, Cages, and Suites - What's the Difference?

on Jan 30



So your business is currently looking at data center colocation. You've probably done your research - looked at various options, took tours of data centers - but now your business has to make one more decision. When it comes to colocation, do you choose to host your infrastructure in cabinets, cages or suites?

At Servpac, we get this question quite often from our customers. Since we offer these options at our own data center, we know quite a lot about the differences between these colocation offerings. Let’s dig deep into these different types and sizes and see what’s right for your business.



Just like legos, cabinets are the building blocks of data centers. They are enclosed structures that can hold multiple modules for electronic equipment and made of metal with rails, grounding studs, and other materials. Businesses can either use a half or full cabinet based on their data infrastructure needs.


A cage is a metal wire enclosure that can store multiple cabinets in a data center. These cages can be either shared or private, made up of metal bars and mesh walls for maximum cooling efficiency. Just like a zoo, cages offer full visibility of what’s inside with a door for entry For private cages, they only hold servers and equipment for only one company, while shared cages can be used to support the infrastructure of multiple companies.

Private Suites

If businesses want utmost privacy for their infrastructure, private suites are the ideal solution. These suites can hold multiple cabinets like cages, but they are enclosed by walls on all four sides. Unlike the previous options, private suites offer more square footage and customization based on a company’s preferences and can even include other amenities such as office space and additional security.

Need Help Making a Decision?

When it comes to colocation, there's are so many options for businesses to choose for their IT infrastructure. It can be a long and challenging process, so we can help you find the right solution. Our new Tier 4 design data center in Mililani Tech Park, we offer 30,000 sq. ft of colocation space including cabinets, cages, and private suites for businesses. For more info about Servpac's data center and how we can help, please call 808-237-5000 or request a FREE consultation below.

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