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VoIP Call Analytics: A Beginner's Guide

on Nov 14


As businesses have grown, new technologies have helped them make better decisions regarding their future goals because of data. One of the best kept secrets for data analysis is your business’s phone system. VoIP phone systems offer access to valuable call analytics that can help businesses improve their call centers and customer service experience. So what are the most important call analytics that VoIP can offer businesses? Let’s take a look below.

Call Volume


One of the most important metrics to track is the number of calls your business makes or receives daily. With VoIP phone systems, you can identify specific call patterns and call fluctuation periods at any time. Businesses can even track all calls routed through every department and or part of campaigns. Tracking call volume metrics can help your business manage your team better. If there are peak hours, your business can utilize more staff members to take calls.

Call Duration

Staff members can spend lots of their time with potential or existing customers for sales and customer support, so wouldn’t it be valuable to know the average duration? This metric is useful for knowing which services, products, or specific campaigns are generating the calls your business wants. It can also help evaluate your employees performance and plan better call training for your team.

Call Waiting Time

While busier phones could be a positive sign of more interest or better support, long wait times can cause the loss of potential customers. VoIP phone systems can help your business determine the average wait time for callers and take the best steps to reduce it. Similar to call volume, you can make sure you have enough team members at the right hours and provide the best call training possible. In addition, you can help customers get their answers quicker by creating an easy to reach resources such as FAQ pages.

Call Recording

While VoIP phone systems can provide valuable call analytics, they can also offer more advanced features such as call recording for quality assurance. All calls can be stored in a Cloud based system for easy access and tracking. Businesses can use these recordings to evaluate calls and train their employees to provide better customer service.

Caller Sentiment


As mentioned in our previous blog post, VoIP systems are now implementing Artificial Intelligence (AI) that adds a whole new layer to caller analytics. Not only do they improve real time call data, but they can now provide speech analytics such as key words, phrases, and actions that are invaluable for detecting caller sentiment.


VoIP is a powerful phone system that offers valuable call analytics to help improve operations, optimize resources, and offer a better customer service experience. For more info on Servpac’s VoIP system and call analytics, please call 808-237-5000 or request a FREE consultation below.

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