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VoIP + CRM: The Ideal Integration

on Nov 27


Customer service is the essential backbone of businesses. Most successful business understand that a successful customer-focused sales and support process needs to be prepared to serve customers even before they come knocking on the door. That’s why businesses are resorting to CRM platforms to help them. Now, VoIP phone systems are capable of supporting these programs to help improve communication, streamline workflows, and improve customer satisfaction. VoIP with CRM integration offers numerous advantages for businesses and their customers, but what is it exactly?

What is CRM?

You’ve probably heard this acronym in your office or the latest business magazine, but CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It's any tool or process that helps businesses understand their customers with the focus on one simple concept - putting customers first. Digital technology helped this concept evolve from handwritten notes and databases to a complex systems that need to be managed with the latest software tools.


Every transaction needs to be seen through the eyes of the customer, and CRM software helps accomplish this. It brings together all the information from different departments to deliver a holistic view of every customer in real time. This means businesses can easily manage relationships with their customers all from a single platform. This is why combining the connectivity of a VoIP system with the interface and support of CRM platforms can help businesses deliver the best customer support and experience. Here are a few advantages of integrating these two tools together for your business.

5 Advantages of CRM Integration

1. Real Time Call Data

Every customer interaction - calls, e-mails, meetings - offers valuable insight into your business. For sales, talking to customers can help them find valuable info about what they’re looking for and close potential deals, and they don’t have the time to input all of their notes. VoIP with CRM integrations can take care of all of that call logging in real time. 

Every interaction with a customer offers valuable insight into your business. For sales agents, talking to potential customers on the phone can shed light on what they are looking for, and ultimately close the sale. Instead of having an agent manually type in their notes from every call and record information such as the time of the call or phone number, VoIP CRM integrations take care of all the logging in real-time. Most phone systems can offer call recording and track other key metrics such volume, source, and time.

2. Improved Customer Experience

With CRM integration, sales and support departments can always know a customer’s needs in real-time. When a call comes in, CRM software can direct team members automatically to a caller profile with all of their current information. This information could include previous calls, customer status, or even website visits. This helps agents approach the caller with the right information and create a more meaningful conversation that leads to potential deals.

For support calls, CRM software can easily create a support ticket or call log entry with previous support issues and tickets. This helps agents improve customer satisfaction with shorter calls and less waiting time.

3. Easier Management


Businesses can use VoIP CRM integration to better manage their customer service and support teams. Call center managers can have access to valuable key metrics for each team member such as number of calls taken, average call times, and average wait times. These metrics help managers address customer support issues and train individual call agents. If one customer takes more time to answer calls, managers can assign other agents to assist them. If there’s slower call periods, managers can reduce the number of team members during that period.

4. More Efficiency

When it comes to calls, the biggest time waster for team members is usually looking up customer information. It slows down agents response times, creates errors and diminishes the customer experience. VoIP CRM integrations bypasses this headache for  sales or support agents by automatically entering new customer info and bringing up valuable contact info including prior calls, previous support tickets.

5. Increase ROI

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VoIP with CRM Integrations can help businesses achieve greater return on investment (ROI). Instead of having different platforms for communication, CRM software allows for reduced costs and better allocation of resources since everything everything is in one place. With everything on one platform, businesses can benefit their employees and customers in terms of experience and satisfaction. This results in a better ROI because of improved company reputation, management, and staff performance.


In today’s competitive world, having the right information at the right time helps you stay ahead of your competitors. Having a phone system with CRM integration capabilities offers better communication in one place and help businesses reach their goals. Servpac, Hawaii’s largest independent telecom company, offers VoIP phone systems for local businesses that offers possible integration with popular CRM platforms and other state-of-the-art features. For more information, please call 808-237-5000 or request a FREE consultation below. 

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